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Lose to Win Bible Study 1 - Loving God

This first study explores how the Spirit of God teaches us and empowers us to love in John 14-15. This study will explore the daily spiritual disciplines of reading the Bible, walking in the Spirit and praying.

Key concept: How do we follow the Spirit? 

  1. Lesson 1 Identity 
  2. Lesson 2 Word  
  3. Lesson 3 Spirit  -  Further Study Calvary Road
  4. Lesson 4 Gospel  - Further Study How to Walk in the Spirit
  5. Lesson 5 Ask
  6. Lesson 6 Warfare

Videos explaining key Lose to Win concepts.

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Printable Bible studies

Use PDF links to download a file to print.

Discipleship Commitment

  1. Lesson 1 Identity PDF
  2. Lesson 2 Word PDF
  3. Lesson 3 Spirit PDF
  4. Lesson 4 Gospel PDF 
  5. Lesson 5 Ask PDF
  6. Lesson 6 Warfare PDF