About Colebank Communications

Mark Colebank graduated with Bachelors of Fine Arts in Industrial Design in 1989 from Rhode Island School of Design. Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web the same year when he came up with the hypertext transfer protocol and the hypertext markup language (HTML). 

The World Wide Web moved into the mainstream in 1994 when Netscape introduced their web browser and many companies began to realize they needed to develop websites for this new medium of communication. The next year eCommerce began to take off as Amazon and eBay were formed as companies. In 1996, Mark saw that the future of communication was the Internet and began a career as a professional web developer. 

In the late 90’s and first half of the last decade, Mark worked for several advertising and new media agencies in the New England area. He worked on producing web sites for A.T. Cross and Sony Chemicals during this time while working for RTP and Mediaweave. Mark’s largest project was custom developing a 10,000 product searchable database web service with a full web content management system for Flexcon. During this time Google emerged as the most popular search engine and Napster proved that peer to peer networking worked. The iPod was introduced in 2001 and people began to buy their music digitally. 

In 2005, Mark started Colebank Communications to offer production and programming services for agencies and small to mid-sized businesses. Around this time Facebook started its growth to become a social network of over a billion users. And Youtube launched showing that video could be delivered digitally. Movies and TV broadcasting followed music in using the Internet for digital distribution. 

In 2007, Justin Bieber self-published on Youtube and within two years was performing before sold out crowds in Madison Square Garden. In 2008, Oscar Morales published a Facebook group against the FARC terrorist group in Columbia and in 2 months rallied 10 million people to march in the major cities of Columbia. The iPhone became the game changing internet device that moved our society to being always connected. While this was happening Mark earned his Master’s degree and became a more effective communicator. 

In recent years, the shift to digital communication is nearly complete as tablets are making eBooks more popular. Recent projects that Mark has worked on include a leading a team to do a responsive redesign for the NIEHS government website, redesign, converting the National Toxicology Program website to use the Percussion CMS, a full site redesign with a .NET secure digital document management system for REMINC, and an Adtech Systems web redesign using the Joomla CMS. Mark now teaches business lunch webinars, trains at conferences and workshops on community building and deeper personal spiritual development for faith based employee resource groups.