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LOSE to Win

Lose to Win is a study of John 13-17 where Jesus taught who we are as dearly loved children of God and that losing our life allows the Spirit of God to empowers us to live like Jesus. L.O.S.E. is an acronym for the four spiritual habits that help us to walk in the Spirit; Listen, Obey, Serve and Evangelize

The LOSE to Win study helps you understand how to study the Bible for transformation, not just information, and how the Holy Spirit works in your life. Revival is simple. When we sin, we grieve and block the Spirit of God from working through us. The secret to living in the power of the Spirit is losing your life; not living for your selfish desires but denying selfish desires so that God can work through you to do what he wants.

Lose to Win is a study that explores the last teaching of Jesus on the night before he went to the cross. Jesus explains that what will be even better than God with you in the form of a man (Jesus) is God in you (the Holy Spirit). Most people have little understanding of what the Holy Spirit does in their lives. Lose to Win studies John 13-17 where Jesus explains what the Holy Spirit does in the life of a Christian. 

Bible Studies - John 13-17

Jesus teaches how the Holy Spirit leads us to do what he was doing; training a movement of disciple-making disciples to love our neighbors and the world. Click on the Studies below.The Spirit works through us as we Listen Obey Serve and Evangelize

LOSE to Win Bible Study 1 
Following the Holy Spirit 
(John 14-15)

LOSE to Win Bible Study 2 
Serving in the Body of Christ 
(John 13 & 17)

LOSE to Win Bible Study 3 
Evangelizing in the Power of the Spirit

(John 16)

Discipleship Plan (PDF)



Each video explains the core concept of a chapter in the LOSE to Win book. 


Order Bible Study Books

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