1. Care

  • How are you doing? Highs/Lows 
  • Keep brief. Followup on major concerns after training. 

2. Loving Accountability

  • Grow: How did you do in the goals you set last time? How did you apply our last lesson?
  • Go: Who did you try to share Jesus with/disciple last week?
  • Gather (if applicable): how are you leading your disciples towards fruitful obedience to Jesus including multiplication of healthy discipleship groups?
    • Vision: encourage & inspire by sharing examples of what God is doing



3. New Lesson

  • Use inductive method to examine a passage of Scripture from the Bible together and discover what it says as well as what it is asking of you.
  • Be sure to discover for obedience (application not just knowledge)

4. Practice Lesson



5. Set Obedience Goals

  • Grow: What will you put into practice from today’s lesson in the next week?
  • Go: Who/Where will you share Jesus this week?
  • Gather: How will you lead your disciples towards obedience to Jesus (including multiplication of healthy discipleship groups)

6. Prayer

  • Ask the Lord for the faith and power of the Spirit to obey, pray for your name lists, pray for your city, pray for anything else.  
  • Commit to pray for the goals of your training partner.